Monday, November 24, 2008


Tengok sini gambar Amrozi & Ali Guhfran sebelum dikapankan

Hop for a better explanation about it here

Kaki wayang or not, go and watch Body of Lies (another movie where the modern skepticism and absolute lies were inambigously made upon Muslims and Islam).

Body of Lies, indeed.

Lies by the real thugs who called themselves the Police of the World.

Lies from the views of unknowing people who dare to call us terrorists.

Lies in an effort to turn people against our religion.

And have we ever thought that the BOMBARDMENT were verily started, continued by them, the enemies of Islam?

Only Allah knows the truth.


mountdweller said...

Salam lawat dari saya.

Semoga Allah mengkabulkan hasrat mereka dengan mengurniakan syahid

Azyyati said...

Salam mountdweller

leiah said...

al fatihah utk mereka