Monday, November 3, 2008


Hottest news throughout the year in Manchester?
----------------> WEATHER
Should u ran out of ideas to speak of, look outside the window, then u know what to say. Some facts hitherto well known.
1. Summer's no hotty
2. Winter's no snowy
3. Everyday rainy and windy.

Sejuknya..... bestnya tido....
Albeit freezing I could still see some dudes who had guts walking half naked out there for the sake of having "fun", be it during Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or weekends for clubbing/partying.
Gilo.... aku dok kat dalam rumah pun still terketar2.


Alexi said...

hahahha...sek2 dio 2 brani mati sokmo

Tgk kulit laa...tebal gilo2..hehehe
no wonder tahan sejuk

Amiene Rev said...

Let's freezinggg