Saturday, November 29, 2008

Xmas dinner

Dinner tahun lepas group aku join other several groups including our supervisors. That was ok, compared to this year's dinner since this one was originally organised by postgrads for postgrads. Kalau ikutkan hati, memang malas sungguh nak pegi. Dah la aku pakai tudung nanti kang diorang ingat aku nak gi KAABOOOMMM bar tu. Since labmates aku yang rapat ajak, aku pun memaksa diri buat-buat interested nak jaga hati. Dinner tu diorang buat kat bar The Angels. Awal-awal lagi aku pesan jangan letak babi bacon or wine. We had a very large table, where everybody can only talk to the person next to him/her.

Starter: Parsnip soup- sweet, creamy, tak sedap langsung.
Main course: grilled salmon- boleh tahan sedap.
Dessert: lemon tart- boooleh la.

Seriously, aku tak tahu apa la motif diorang bersungguh2 buat xmas dinner ni. Terlalu obvious orang yang enjoy malam tu adalah the Mat and Minah Salleh yang organise dinner tu. Aku ingat aku sorang je rasa camtu, tapi rupa2nya labmate aku (Mexican girl) pun rasa camtu jugak.

So mase dinner aku aku dok asyik borak dengan dia je la since dia duduk sebelah aku. There we came out with this conclusion- diorang memang baik, tapi baik la camne pun semua orang tau we can never fit in. Why?
  1. Cultural differences. (diorang cakap suka makan turkey/salmon/beer/eccles, aku cakap suke makan budu/sirap/tempoyak/kari)
  2. Kitorang tak paham lawak British. Memang tak paham, selalunya aku buat2 gelak walaupun dalam hati cakap 'Mende dia ni, lawak ke apa tu'
  3. Some of us barely met at school prior to this (maksudnya setakat "Hi", "Bye", or tak penah cakap langsung)
Those could be some of the main reasons why the Mat Salleh stick together within their group celebrating the once-a-year event. Diorang dok gelak-gelak dengan lawak yang tidak seberapa tu sambil minum Stella/wine/arak sume tu. The 'isolated' others (termasuk la aku) desperately tried to find a topic just to make a conversation with the people sitting next to them.

Aku tak paham. Apakah semua ini? Apakah motif dinner ni? Macam ni ke diorang enjoy Xmas? Sebab ni ke orang suke sangat pegi bar?


p/s: tahun depan confirm aku tak pegi

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Babies Stressed Out By Buggies

Babies pushed in buggies facing away from their parents could suffer lasting psychological damage, scientists claim.

Children made to face away from their carers are more likely to end up anxious adults, the first ever study on the effects of buggies has revealed.

The away-facing babies in the research were "emotionally impoverished", laughed less, talked less and suffered more stress than those facing their parent.

Almost 3,000 parent-infant pairs were studied as part of the research by Dundee University for the Talk To Your Baby early language campaign of the National Literacy Trust.

In one experiment, 20 babies were pushed for a mile, half the journey spent in an away-facing buggy and the other in a toward-facing one.

A quarter of parents using face-to-face buggies talked to their baby - more than twice as many as those using away-facing buggies.

Babies facing towards the buggy-pusher enjoyed a reduced heart rate and were twice as likely to fall asleep.

Only one baby in the group of 20 laughed during the away-facing journey, while half laughed during the face-to-face journey.

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, from Dundee University's School of Psychology, said: "If babies are spending significant amounts of time in a baby buggy, that undermines their ability to communicate easily with their parent.

"Our data suggests that for many babies today, life in a buggy is emotionally impoverished and possibly stressful. Stressed babies grow into anxious adults."

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Akhirnya jadi jugak Airasia flight London-KL, murah gile at only RM499 one-way. Murah tu, walaupun terpaksa tahan mata tengok awek baju merah yang sangat TAK CUN. As we speak dah banyak tarikh tiket sold out. So sile booking cepat-cepat.

Booking Period : Now - 30 Nov 2008
Travel Period : 11 Mar - 24 Oct 2009

Monday, November 24, 2008


Tengok sini gambar Amrozi & Ali Guhfran sebelum dikapankan

Hop for a better explanation about it here

Kaki wayang or not, go and watch Body of Lies (another movie where the modern skepticism and absolute lies were inambigously made upon Muslims and Islam).

Body of Lies, indeed.

Lies by the real thugs who called themselves the Police of the World.

Lies from the views of unknowing people who dare to call us terrorists.

Lies in an effort to turn people against our religion.

And have we ever thought that the BOMBARDMENT were verily started, continued by them, the enemies of Islam?

Only Allah knows the truth.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Offer your qurbani

Offer your qurbani to Human Appeal here

Orang selalu cakap, bersedekahlah sementara masih ada kesempatan. Jangan sekali-kali rasa bangga dengan apa yang kita miliki sekarang ni, semuanya Allah SWT boleh tarik balik dalam sekelip mata. Apa guna nak berlagak dengan nikmat dunia, sedangkan diri sendiri jarang sekali rasa bersyukur? Apalah sangat setakat hulur seringgit dua (atau kurang) kalau nak dibandingkan dengan pahala yang kita dapat. Oleh itu bersedekahlah walaupun satu sen.

"Daging (haiwan korban) dan darahnya itu sekali-kali tidak akan sampai kepada Allah, tetapi yang sampai kepada-Nya adalah ketakwaan kamu." (Surah al-Hajj, ayat 37)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sedikit renungan

Firman Allah SWT dalam Surah Ali Imran, ayat 185

"Setiap yang bernyawa akan merasakan mati. Dan hanya pada hari Kiamat sajalah diberikan dengan sempurna balasanmu. Barangsiapa dijauhkan dari neraka dan dimasukkan ke dalam syurga, sungguh, dia memperoleh kemenangan. Kehidupan dunia hanyalah kesenangan yang memperdaya."

Kena tag lain, tapi buat lain :) from Anis's

Tag 8 people

Tak perlu

Describe yourself in one word.

Who would you pick, someone who really loves you, or the one you love?
Mmmm... marriage must be of two-ways commitments. If I don't love you then why should I marry you? If you don't love me I will find another victim 

Have you ever loved someone before but never had the courage to tell him/her?

How would you deal with a face to face rejection?
Can't tell

God is giving you just 5 more minutes before going back to Heaven. IF you love someone special, what will you say to that person?
Susah nak jawab, sebab tak logik 

What would you say to a person who doesn't want to believe you?
Ikut mu la tut

Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
I didn't try, I fell in love that instant and now I'm married to the right person

What's your opinion about someone who's jealous?
Feel like telling her "Bersyukur la dengan apa yang ada"

Do you have something special with you all the time?
My family that is

Best place to cry?
Where nobody's around, albeit I can never hold myself when the time comes

Who do you love the most?
Allah (had to be Him before everyone else) 

Tell us of your dream last night?

Can't recall

Ever hated someone so bad?

So bad that I wanted to kick his/her arse? Hohoho yeah baby yeah!

The biggest and most hurtful lie you've heard?

Tak ingat 

The last person you had a beer with?


The last person you went to the movies with?


The last person you talked on the cell phone with?
Azam juga

The last person you hugged?
Azam (omg how tricky LOL)

The last person you yelled at?
Azam dan Azam dan Azam

In the last week, have you kissed someone?
Huish musti la (soalan...)

Danced crazy?
Pernah satu malam time jadi bengong masa dok serumah ngan Sho, Put, Aeliah, Yati Pahang, Has tapi Aeliah sorang je tido masa tu, dia tido mati!

Think of the last time you were angry, why were you angry?
Couple of days ago, back when this makcik guard at the reception desk asked for my student card for two consecutive days while neglecting the others who entered the school at the same time. Rasa nak tenyeh kad tu kat muka dia. 

If you could do anything, or wish anything, what would it be?
Cepat-cepat abes study and balik Malaysia for good

If you could have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?
Mekah buat haji (walaupun takut banyak dosa)

Would you or have you ever blackmailed someone?
Oh bestnya kalau penah muuuuuuahahahaha

Are you old fashioned?
Maybe, at which time it suits best

What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them back?
The second one

What would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
Main komputer walaupun kat tengah buat keje dalam lab

Five facts about me:-
1. Pemalas sungguh
2. Suka tido di mana-mana sahaja
3. Bekeng (macam Anis)
4. Typically not very good at handling my own money
5. Allergic kat manusia gedik who can potentially ruin other people's marriage (tengok la Norman ngan Abby)

Five things that scare me:(random)
1. Masuk neraka nauzubillah
2. Kena marah ngan Azam or parent
3. Tak cukup masa
4. Family/orang rapat meninggal
5. Kena jalan balik rumah malam sorang-sorang (but tak penah jadi sebab Azam selalu ambik)

Two songs playing in my head lately:-
1. Stealers Wheel- Stuck in the middle with you
2. Scissor Sisters- She's my man

Five things I treasure in my life:-(random)
1. My family, aku nak balik Malaysia
2. My health, alhamdulillah
3. My life, that I was granted opportunities by Him in order to become a better person
4. My study, to this extent
5. My friends, only those who visibly or invisibly appreciate the true meaning of friendship

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Orang Jepun memang kelakar

A show where they can't laugh no matter what, or else kena rotan

Japanese pranks in huge group

Human Tetris

Frustrated boy who got rejected


Silent funny game in library

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Allah tolak alasan empat golongan

This world we live is a pass-by route to the hereafter for eternity. Pendek kata, dunia ini hanyalah sementara, tetapi kematian adalah pasti.

Sabda Rasulullah SAW:

"Manusia paling pintar ialah yang banyak mengingati mati dan yang paling hebat persediaan untuk menghadapinya, merekan itulah yang paling pintar, mereka pergi ke alam baqa dengan membawa kemuliaan dunia dan akhirat."

Petikan dari buku Cerita Serta Doa Dari Hadith & al-Quran

Berkata Al-Faqih Abu Laits:

"Kelak pada hari Kiamat ada empat golongan manusia yang datang, lalu masing-masing mengemukakan alasan mengapa tidak beribadat kepada Allah SWT, tapi alasan mereka tidak diterima."

Pertama: Orang kaya

"Sesungguhnya aku adalah orang kaya. Aku sibuk menguruskan hak-hak hartaku sehingga tidak sempat mengabdikan diri kepadaMu."

Maka Allah SWT berfirman: 

"Sesungguhnya Sulaiman adalah raja di seluruh timur dan barat, tetapi dia tidak derhaka kepada TuhanNya."

Kedua: Orang melarat

Dia beralasankan dengan kemiskinannya, tetapi Allah bandingkan dengan Nabi Isa a.s. pula.

Ketiga: Hamba sahaya

Dia beralasan untuk melayan tuannya, tetapi Allah bandingkan dengan Nabi Yusuf a.s.

Keempat: Orang sakit

Dia beralasan dengan penyakitnya, tetapi Allah bandingkan dengan Nabi Ayub a.s.

Jadi di hari Kiamat kelak tiada seorang pun yang ada alasan di sisi Allah SWT mengapa mereka tidak dapat mengabdikan diri kepadaNya.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Posted by Ewan (& friends)- Kamus Kelate


  1. Ewan: Doj 'ek=dating
  2. YB :tok cekak=penat
  3. kire :meto=sespesis ngn krg aja
  4. DR SARAF:samah=lima puluh sen
  5. safwanism :sumak parok nate neh=sial boy:tigo amah=rm 1.50
  6. pije:tebolah = tidak hati-hati
  7. >:tohok=buang
  8. hantu : buah seto=buah manggis
  9. ixu:bekwoh=kenduri-kendara org kawin
  10. >:gelenya = gedik, xcekak = penat
  11. >:jo'un = redup, mendung
  12. gu a.k.a saeng = kawan
  13. kenaling = nervous
  14. knowraa : gotu = benda tu
  15. dzzzuuulll : keladi boncih = kacang boncih....hhahah
  16. >: plakar = petir, pok'ndir = guruh, baso tolo weh bdk neh = digunakan bila bengang with sb. hahah..
  17. HafizAziz : kecek = cakap
  18. soyok = terkoyak
  19. loghat/gaduh = nak cepat
  20. denuh/deknuh = disana/kesana
  21. marin = semalam
  22. hanele = degil/keras hati
  23. kerah keng = degil/keras hati
  24. manggok = megah diri
  25. hagah = sombong
  26. ngepek = membebel/berleter
  27. KuLiN = boloq ~ comot
  28. = jelar' ~ tamok
  29. = khelong ~ tamok ugok
  30. bokbong = spesis musang
  31. pok kor = spesis mengkarung
  32. saksoba = absorber
  33. buoh topoh = epal
  34. sak dok ghobar = don't worry
  35. dek pong gak eh = kalau ye pun
  36. Jjughuh = baik
  37. yakk~ = ops!; opocot~!
  38. yakboktey = lbh kurang yak~
  39. deh = ok?
  40. ghohok = ssh; pyh
  42. Razman: Bek heng pah ko tanoh = Back hand sampai ke luar.
  43. koti : ge'lar = mengutuk
  44. nyet : go namo rima=benda ape itu?
  45. sedae : gesek = mancis
  46. sedae : kale = pensil
  47. sedae : roba = pemadam
  48. umairah : jangok ~ melaram/berhias
  49. umairah : siso ~ cenderahati
  50. umairah : jongkako ~ pembantu/ajk
  51. sedae : murih ~ marah
  52. sedae : derak ~ merayau-rayau
  53. nisha: sengoti eh ~ betulll la
  54. nisha: pongoh ~ panas baran
  55. nisha: geghe tanoh ~ bangku besar kat luar umah
  56. nisha: nyo ~ kelapa
  57. nisha: supik gelenya/jabir ~ plastik
  58. nisha: kheling manjo ~ jelingan manja
  59. nisha: puyok belango~ periuk belanga
  60. nisha: bengong nate nih ~ giler la ko ni
  61. nisha: woh mokte ~ buah rambutan
  62. nisha: speka ~ speaker
  63. nisha: tok soh nyusoh la~tak payah susah2 la...
  64. nisha: gamok ~ tergamak
  65. nisha: jughuh nyo budok ni ~ baik betul budak ni
  66. nisha: manih leting ~ tersangat manis
  67. nisha: masin perak ~ tersangat masin
  68. nisha: pahit lepe ~ tersangat pahit
  69. nisha: mase lebe ~ tersangat masam
  70. nisha: kuning dehe ~ tersangat kuning
  71. nisha: meroh nyela ~ tersangat merah
  72. nisha: ite lege ~ tersangat hitam
  73. nisha: gok aye ~ reban ayam
  74. nisha: gok kambing ~ kandang kambing
  75. lemy: tawa hebe= tersgttawar
  76. lemy=cuwoh=curah
  77. lemy::hungga=lari
  78. lemy:leloh= letih
  79. lemy:murih =maroh
  80. lemy:jek=tendang
  81. lemy:wogheh=saudara
  82. lemy:kac e ralek=biji kuaci
  83. [iwe]>putih sepo=tersangat putih
  84. [iwe]>biru ketu=nak mati doh.....haha
  85. [iwe]>selok kegho=nak mapuh(xgerok geri)
  86. [iwe]>tebolah=cuai
  87. [iwe]>ngecing=kenatipu
  88. [iwe]>leweh =xsedap(makanan)
  89. [iwe]>culas=ma las
  90. [iwe]>kora=calar
  91. [iwe]>naik ra=datang ghairah
  92. [iwe]>tempat jintende=dalamhutan
  93. [iwe]>cakduh=lalai,cuai
  94. [iwe]> gase=kasar
  95. [iwe]>darak=xtahu(jenis xambil perkembangan)
  96. [iwe]>bodi kate=badansasa
  97. [iwe]>kupit=kedekut
  98. [iwe]>ngatik=tahlil
  99. [ iwe]>kekong=tolol
  100. [iwe]>nengung=termenung
  101. [iw e]>bolot=jenis over
  102. hungga = lari
  103. kacik otok = xwaras
  104. kodi = buruk
  105. selok = tergamam,jammed@kunci
  106. ~shamshuk~ kesik = sunyi
  107. ~shamshuk~ ketul = bekas basuh tangan
  108. ~shamshuk~ ke'kong = dukung atas belakang
  109. ~shamshuk~ bekeng = garang
  110. ~shamshuk~ kekoh = gigit
  111. berkekoh/baloh = berkelahi
  112. sok woya ija = gilo/ mereng
  113. guste = undur
  114. mat teghak = askar
  115. kuba bala = kerbau balau
Mau tambah lagi? Nanti aku update

Friday, November 7, 2008

Love you tender

"I love you I wanna love you tender... I just want to be your love defender..."

Lagu yang sangat berhantu, dah meresap masuk dalam sel2 otakku. Damn u Swedish weirdos... that 'awesome' disco moves... (p/s: Kalo tak paham, tengok video kat bawah - The worst music video ever)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

'Sepek' mataku

Arrrgghh, susahnya nak cari kedai opticals kat sini. Alkisahnya skru cermin mata aku yang baru buat bulan lepas tercabut sebab malam tadi spek aku kene hempap. Dah la spek aku rimless, pastu aku suka baring ala2 nak rehatkan diri (konooon) pastu zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... tertido dengan spek. Bangun tido tengok2 skru dah tercabut. Hai... mata aku dah la sangat POWER pastu kene cari skru kecikkkk kat atas katil, karpet, bawah bantal, meja etc etc... memang boleh 'jumpa' punyalah!

Punya la kedai spek kat sini tak boleh diharap, dah beberapa kedai aku pegi setakat ni tapi semua tak bleh repair

(Translated dialogues)
"Pasang skru je Kak"
"Oh tak boleh buat kat sini dik sebab takde machine dia"
Machine apa? Ke aku salah kedai? I looked around and yup ni memang kedai opticals.
"Abes tu ade kedai lain yang bleh repair ni tak"
"Ade, kat Longsight" (sambil hulur bussiness card dia)
Kene pegi Longsight??? Tak kuasa aku! Hellooooo , gua nak skru je, screwdriver kecik tu gua dah ada pun. Bukannya patah ke apa, MASUK SKRU JE.

Cet pooodah. Nak kene pegi Longsight or town baru jumpa kedai yang ada machine CANGGIH tu kot. Confirm kene charge. Boringnya akuuu kat sini.... Jauh lagi hebat opticians Malaysiaku yang serba boleh...

Lepas masuk 5 kedai, akhirnya baru dapat repair- kudos to Vision Express

Monday, November 3, 2008


Hottest news throughout the year in Manchester?
----------------> WEATHER
Should u ran out of ideas to speak of, look outside the window, then u know what to say. Some facts hitherto well known.
1. Summer's no hotty
2. Winter's no snowy
3. Everyday rainy and windy.

Sejuknya..... bestnya tido....
Albeit freezing I could still see some dudes who had guts walking half naked out there for the sake of having "fun", be it during Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or weekends for clubbing/partying.
Gilo.... aku dok kat dalam rumah pun still terketar2.