Friday, November 27, 2009

Shin chan???

Shin chan is real.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At 22 weeks

Dah lama enggak menulis. Penat sungguh menjadi seorang bakal ibu yang berulang alik ke lab setiap hari. Tak berkesempatan nak menulis panjang sebab terlalu bz bz bz collecting data. Alhamdulillah, betul la orang kata "U will start getting nice results in your third year"

Guess what? The normally everyday 'to and fro' 10 mins walk to school becomes half-an-hour marathon. My tummy is not that huge like typical 5-6 months preggies, but the burden it carries makes me wanna stumble at every step.


"Active baby" said the lady sonographer, smiling, during my 20 weeks scan. "Oh yes, the baby's been me kicking a loooot!" and I grinned. The high and low of being a mother-to-be, now I can feeeeeeeel them all! Ini baby belum keluar lagi... Oh sahabatku, jangan sekali-kali menderhaka pada ibu kamu sekalian...

Several highlights of my pregnancy:
  • I'm carrying the baby low down- a baby BOY sign?
  • No longer enthusiastic for shopping in the city, can't stand walking around for too long
  • My back hurts everytime I bend
  • The frequency of going to the loo had been increasing steadily to an average >10 times per day
  • I MUST have lunch at around 11, or 11.30 at the latest, as not to suffer getting nauseatic
The SV has been so nice to me. Being a mum, she knows what I'm going through (even though she did not suffer alahan masa first trimester). She even said "My son is the best thing ever happened to me". Comel gile kan? Ni la hikmah dapat mum SV :)

Tomorrow morning I'm gonna see my midwife again. Hope to get some positive news from the test results InsyaAllah.