Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cik Ti balik yea yea!

Home, I shall be... soon!!!!

I'm so woohoo yippie hoorray! At the same time, tryin hard not to get so obviously carried away in excitement in front of my labmates :)

What I've been doin for the past couple of weeks were berlakon serious dalam lab, pura-pura focus buat keje, things I did to maintain my integrity as a hardworking student... macam BAGOUS hahhaahaha

Balik rumah yea yea! Lamanya tak jumpa anak2 sedara aku!!! I will see you people who miss me! I know I'm missed!!! hahahahah (Gindu gindu-Aeliah punya slang for rindu)

1 comment:

Yan said...

ok bebeh..xsure ade ke x on the 17/ juz buzz me on the day itself n yan akn try be there..