Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fly me to the moon & let me play among the stars

At times like this, you feel like everything's so right, you wanna jump and screamed "BINGO!". Yup, after 9 months of efforts I finally reached the point where I can move forward with the painstaking work. Just weeks ago I was in doubt because nothing seemed to be working. Today, I know that it pays to be patient as long as you keep yourself on track. Rage would take over you if you're too blind to see the way. Thanks to my supervisor, Professor Ken (pic), the greatest boss one could ever dream of.
Syukur syukur.... YES!!!

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afi_smart said...

muahahhaa....leh doh 2 ejah tiket balik.....baju ambo 2...kih3....update sokmo blog dehh...baguih2