Saturday, June 6, 2009

Postgrad away day

Lupa nak amik gambar poster penuh- summary of the my research project so far, and the work still ongoing. Being a 'super rajin' student, the second project is still underway with my new supervisor. Two projects in parallel, what more could you possibly imagine. So I tried my best to beat the materials into my head, and thank goodness my brain does not explode (still).

Azam dah ada plan after exam nak pegi berpoya-poya memancing kat Belfast. Sebagai seorang bini yang baik hati, ku relakan kau pergi (sebenarnya nak ikut tapi tak jadi sebab all-boys trip). Nonetheless I won't be alone as Yati from Cardiff and Ina from London will be spending the weekend in my place---> yea yea!

Hmm apa lagi hah, tak tau nak tulis apa. Seksa juga nak menulis ni ya.

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